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As used by Buildbase Suzuki and other BSB teams.

The new CA5 & UP7X range of Dymag custom motorcycle wheels are the lightest aluminium wheels Dymag has ever developed. Ridden by champions worldwide they are fully certified for legal road use.

With lightening holes and a tweaked spoke design gives maximum performance in both road and race applications.

All Dymag wheel sets come complete with carrier, talon sprocket
bearings , spacers & air valves in
Black Satin finish.

The benefits.. 

  1. Increased acceleration and deceleration
  2. Quicker and more responsive handling at lower steering forces
  3. Lower forces impacting suspension leading to a better ride
  4. Less fatigue and improved confidence when riding
  5. Improved lap times

All Dymag wheels are hand built and approved for road and race use 



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