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Yamaha PCV


Yamaha PCV


The new Power Commander V is the latest in engine control technology, compact, yet offers expanded features and options, with tremendous control over your engine management system.

Changes are made to the bikes fuel curves via the on-board processor, which allows a large range of adjustment without having to make any permanent changes to the bikes electronic control unit (ECU). When the Power Commander is removed the bike returns to its previous stock condition. The unit has a -100/+250% fuel change range (up from -100/+100% on the PC3 USB). This allows more adjustment range for 8 injector sportbikes.

The Power Commander is supplied with a specific bike map already installed, but it can be reprogrammed with your choice of several settings, based on the modifications to your bike (different air filters, exhausts etc). The unit also comes complete with a software CD complete with several other maps and a PC cable that allows you to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file. Adjustments can be made either with a Windows based computer or by using the front mounted button adjusters.

Dynojet supports the Power Commander product line with the worlds largest map database. They work with all of the leading exhaust manufacturers from around the globe to bring you pre tested settings for your motorcycle, meaning no guesswork on your part. Every map they offer has been tested and developed on one of their in house dynamometers,  and new maps are constantly being developed.

The Power Commander 5 also features an expansion port for upgrades and accessories. This port allows easy connection of Dynojet accessories, such as quick shifters and LCD display units to name a few.

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